Limited Slots Available Before we Shut the Gates…

(Working method as of 27th April 2021 )

We all know how valuable these GMB verifications are. The ability to blanket any city with your business is a game changer when it comes to lead generation. Results are near instant and you get phones ringing of the hook within hours of setting them up. In fact, it’s the number one method for getting leads organically at the moment.

This method doesn’t rely on constantly finding new people to send your postcards to. This method is much, much easier and less headache inducing because you don’t need anyone but yourself to do them. In fact, I just verified 20 the other day BY HAND.

 Have I got your attention yet?

This ability to create them is shrouded in mystery because once you know them, you’ll be able to dominate the market. For the select few, I’m showing you how to create hundreds of these listings a day. The method is so simple to set up and implement any 8 year old can do it. Once you know how to do it, you can roll out hundreds a day. Yes, hundreds. You’ll still need to put in some time to set it up but the payoff is astronomical. If you’re looking for a push button get rich or an “instant” method and allergic to a little bit of elbow grease than this isn’t for you.

Other methods have come and gone but these methods have survived the last year of Google verification updates and will continue to do so for the for seeable future. This secret is known only by a hand few of people and those few people are going to get mighty pissed.

Once you purchase, you’ll get instant access to a guide showing you the whole process. Treat this guide like the “My Precious” ring from The Lord Of the Rings because it will give you great powers over your enemies Frodo.

So why am I doing this? Good question and the answer is simple. I’m burning everything down baby. Burn, baby, burn. I’m going to piss off all the smarmy gurus and their hacks, all my competitors and copycats and release these methods into the wild. I’m clearing house baby. It’s going to be a blood bath LOL. You might be thinking to yourself “that’s a bit petty” and you’re right. I’m a petty guy.

Do you want to wait til someone leaks it to the whole of India and then resold back to you, by then, the method will have been exposed and patched by Google. Because that’s what’s going to happen or do you want to make hay while the sun is shining? Lots of hay, a shitload tonne of hay. If so, push the green button below that says “BUY NOW” for your best shiny object yet and I’ll see you on the other side (I just thew up a little in my throat saying that). Ughhh…hate gurus…

Create GMBs anywhere in the world

All categories

Use any phone number you want

Use any address you want

Use any email you want



A password protected PDF will be sent to your inbox within 24hrs after payment



Q. Will I get a refund if I don’t like the method?

A. No – are you kidding  me?

Q. Yeah, but what if I already know this method?

A. No refunds. No means no Bill fucking Crosby. How do I know if you already know the method? So to put it bluntly, if you already know this method, there are NO refunds.

Q. What will I get?

A. You will be kidnapped and blindfolded when least expected, flown and parachuted to a secret location where you will be taken 2 miles beneath a false waterfall, handed a gold encrypted usb key delivered by Peter Dinklage with the instructions inside a self destruct PDF guide was one of the ideas I had but I thought it through and realised it would be cheaper to just email you the PDF – that doesn’t self destruct. But there’s more! We’ll get to be friends with benefits… wait, that didn’t come out right. You know what I mean.

Q. Do I need hosting, proxies or any additional overheads

A. No, you only need emails (which you can buy or create yourself). Yes I will show you where to buy them.

Q. What about support, questions?

A. You won’t but if you do, you can ask them over email.

Q. Are there any guarantees that this method will work in x amount of days?

A. No….but they have lasted for over a year and a half now.

Q. Why are you selling these methods?

A. Because I want to level the playing field and read the copy above lazy.

Q. How may methods does it include?

At least one method.

Q. Why is it so expensive?

A. You obviously don’t know the meaning of domination.

Q. Do you have any discounts?

A. Only for Google spam team. Yes, I’m looking at you Mountain View IP.

Q. When will you stop selling it?

A. Soon my dear. Soon. Don’t miss out. As my favourite tv pastor would say “Today is your day!”

Q. Who are you?

A.  I’m Keyser Söze, I’m the Walter White of online marketing, I’m your favourite SEO Villain. I went underground many years ago. Some people know me by different names but all you have to know is that if you’re my competitor, I’m your worst nightmare. I’m the bullet you don’t see (who’s seen a flying bullet btw?), the fear of your fears, the storm after the calm. The keyboard warrior that can type faster insults than you and if you’re my friend, then I guess you’re my friend?


Verification for Google My Business
with or without a real address in 2021?

Looking to expand your clients service area or scale up your lead gen business without having to rely on other unreliable and time consuming methods? Whether its just a single map listing or you need hundreds a month, the team at GMB Verify is ready to help.

All Categories

We can verify most categories. Please check with us before ordering if you think your category is in the “spammed” list.


We can verify your GMBs anywhere in the USA, UK, AUS and Canada. Please contact us for other countries.

30 Day Replacement Warranty

If the listing goes down within 30 days, we will replace it for you.

I also want to give Danny’s GMB my endorsement too! Not only is he a really nice guy and easy to work with, but the 10 GMBs he did for me worked like a treat! No problems whatsoever!

After delivery, I logged into them using GhostBrowser and their proxy control extension and was able to get in after the initial recovery email challenge and change the password and was able to make edits to the GMBs without any issues.

As you know I won’t endorse anything I’ve not tried myself, and I would definitely recommend you give Danny’s service a try if you’re looking for GMBs.

Earl – USA


10-15 Days Delivery

***No Locksmith

Need GMBs in the hundreds? Contact us for further bulk pricing.

Excellent service, glad to work with them! They’re fast, approachable and just overall easy to work with! Peter – USA

Great service and faster than you can spit it out done!!! Micah – USA

Thanks Danny, he was able to get my site registered and listed real quick. Blown away!!!

Mark – USA


What is the turn around time?
10 to15 business days from the day you submit details.

Do I need to provide an address?

We will provide one for you that we think is suitable as we know what woks best. If you have a specific address, please include it in the form and we will try to verify it at that address for you. 

What niches do you not accept?

  • Locksmith
  • Rehab
  • Garage Doors
  • Towing
  • Personal Injury Lawyer
  • Water Restoration
  • Moving Company
  • Home Security

This list seems to be growing weekly. If you have any concerns, please contact us first.

What countries is this available for?

  • US
  • CA

If you would like a country that is not listed above, please contact us.

What information do you need from me?
All we need from you is Company Name, Phone Number, Hours of Operation, City Name, Category, and LIVE URL. Please understand if you use the city in the company name or have an otherwise spammy company name the listing could get a manual review and the account could very well get suspended.

  • Company Name
  • Website URL (Must be LIVE URL) – Optional.
  • City
  • State
  • Zip/Post Code
  • Phone Number
  • Primary Category – you can check if the category exist for your country here:
  • Address Public/Hidden
  • Serviced Area
  • Hours of Operation

Do you offer refunds?

If we are unable to verify your listing, your purchase will be refunded.

If you submit an order using a URL and phone number that was previously flagged or suspended, you will not get a refund and you will not be allowed to place any future orders.

Can I edit the listing?

You can edit posts, add description, add images, add hrs etc

You cannot edit:
Company name
Primary category

Do you offer any guarantees?
We offer a 30 day warranty if the listing goes down. If you change Business Name and or Categories and or Address this warranty is voided.


I wanted to drop a review of Danny’s service in the thread here! He made it so easy to get a GMB and talk about fast! I am impressed with his service and will use it again. Also love the fact that he is using aged G accounts for the listings! Thanks a bunch Danny!

Dan – Canada

Thanks Danny! Received my verified GMB listing within a few hours of submission and everything looks great! 👍👍

Hari – Australia